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Cycling Clothing

Half the enjoyment of mountain biking is wearing the right cycling clothing. It removes sweat from your body, keeps you at a nice temperature and protects you from the weather. It feels good and comfortable no matter how much you sweat or how far you go. The clothing is worn close to the body, thus becoming aerodynamic which means that you can ride faster than normal. Overall, it makes the bike trip pleasant and increases your well-being so you can enjoy the nature and singletrack more.

Summer clothing: 4 basic clothing/shoes.

Bike Shirt.

Bike underwear/undershirt Moisture-wicking and breathable.

Bicycle Shorts.

Bicycle shorts are one of the most important pieces of clothing, that include a built-in padding to protect your bum.

Don't wear underwear while wearing bicycle shorts and be sure to choose a pair that fits really well.

Bike Jersey.

A Bike jersey has pockets on the back where you can put your energy bars, food, gels, the small plastic bag with your mobile phone, ID and credit cards, etc.

Mountain Bike Shoes and Cleat Set.

Mountain bike shoes for clipless pedals. Be sure that you fit them very well to avoid soreness and pain during a long trip/race.

It is possible to walk and run on a singletrack with mountain bike shoes if you encounter some obstacles that are too difficult to ride over/pass.

Do not tie your shoes too tight. After some time on the singletrack, your feet will swell a bit so loosen the velcro straps and avoid your blood circulation to be disturbed.

The way you release your mountain bike shoes from the clipless pedals is by rotating your heel in the horizontal plane out from the bike. I recommend that you practice this in a safe area to be sure not to fall over when stopping at a road junction, etc.

Fall and Spring Clothing.

Is the same as summer clothing, plus these items below.


Cycling Arm Warmers.

Comfortarms/Add on sleeves arm/warmers, and thin/light gloves. You can combine these gloves with the fingerless gloves.

Leg Warmers.

Leg warmers/add on highlegs. They go underneath the shorts.


Windvest/breaker is outstanding. It protects your neck and upper body against cold wind, light rain, etc. In most cases, it is a good idea always to bring a windvest and extra arm sleeves in the back pocket of your jersey.

Shoe Covers.

Shoe covers of the thin/light design 'Grip Grab' are perfect to protect your feet from water, mud, etc.They have velcro straps at the top and bottom and a zip on the back.

Winter clothing

Is the same as summer clothing plus these items below! Winter clothing comes in handy when the weather temperatur goes below +8 degrees Celsius!

Fullhead Mask.

Wear it full face or fold it like a hat under your helmet.

Winter Jacket.

With pockets on the back. Wear 3 layers in total, first the sweat transporting underwear, at this time of year a model with long arms, then the jersey and final the jacket. If you don’t have underwear with long arms, use the underwear with short arms + extra arm warmers

Winter Tights, Long Legs.

Mine are without padding so I use my normal bike shorts underneath.

Winter Gloves.

You can combine them with the thinner gloves from your spring/fall equipment.

Winter Shoe Covers.

Will keep your feet ok warm, but after 2-3 hours at mountain bike riding in frosty weather, the cold will slowly get to your feet.

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