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Bike Gear

To hit the single tracks quickly and to make the ride more comfortable and fun

you need some basic gear to start with on your mountain bike.

To hit the single tracks quickly and to make the ride more comfortable and fun you need some basic gear to start with on your mountain bike.

You need:

1. One or two water bottle cages.

2. Saddle bag with one spare tube and a multitool.

3. Mini pump.

The Bottle Cages are mounted with 2 small screws each. The screws often come with/on the bike. Be careful not to overtighten the screws when mounting the bottle cages.

Make sure that when the water bottles are in the cages, it is a snug fit. You can ensure a snug fit by manipulating the cages by hand if the cages are metal/aluminium structure.

The Saddle Bag is often mounted with velcro straps, one strap under the saddle and one around the saddle pin.

Make sure that this is also a snug fit, so the bag is not bouncing around while riding the bike.

In the bag there should be a spare tube, a multitool, three plastic tire levers and a spare chain link.

The Mini Pump should come with a plastic mounting bracket.

The bracket should be placed between the bike frame and the bottle cage and is put in place with two screws.

Be careful not to overtighten the small screws.

As backup after a flat tire situation I always use a CO2 Inflator with great success, it saves you a lot of time.  

Neoprene Cover BBB 'Stayguard' with velcro straps protects the chain, bicycle frame and reduces chain noise when you drive over obstacles, because the chain does not hit directly onto the bike frame. It was a great relief for me when I got this item :)

Wireless Bike Computer for tracking: current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, 12/24 hour clock!

When you are on a mountain bike trip/race it is nice to know how far you have been riding, During an mountain bike race (103 km marathon), I used it to see when to eat my energy gel and energy bars.

The 'Endomondo' app I use it almost every time.

Garmin bike GPS is also an option, but is much more expensive.

Bar Ends.

Bar ends are great for a comfortable and varied riding position for your hands and arms, especially when you are going on a long ride.

They are secured with one screw each. About 2 centimetres of the handlebar on both ends are used for the end bars.

In this connection, it may also be necessary to move the brake lever/gear shifter and grips the same distance to the handlebar centre.

Mountain Bike Mudguard.

To keep mud off your face and water bottle, this model is fitted quickly and easily with two rubber straps on the mountain bike frame.

This mudguard model will stay put and does not vibrate while riding.

Clipless Pedals.

Clipless pedals from shimano with adjustable tension will give you great control and power/energy transfer. With these pedals, you can apply power to the pedal/drive train constantly.

Set the adjustable tension (hex screw) so you can easily unclip your mountain bike shoes.

When mounting the pedals to the pedal arm, do not tighten it hard.

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