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Mountain Bike Guide for Beginners

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Mountain Biking is a great and fun sport you will get good physical exercise, nature experiences and discover places in the nature which you will never see on a normal bicycle ride. And perhaps a friend wants to join you it is a very good way to be social with other people.

Some day when you feel ready, signing up for a Mountain Bike Race will be a good challenge, learning to ride among many mountain bike riders, feeling the race atmosphere. But remember it is only for fun, so enjoy the ride.

Have fun. Henrik

Bike Gear

Clipless pedals from Shimano with adjustable tension will give you great control and power/energy transfer. With these pedals, you can apply power to the pedal/drive train constantly.


Riding Guide 

To utilise your muscle power as much as possible and prevent exhaustion too quickly while mountain biking, it is important that you find a comfortable way to sit on your bike while riding



Half the enjoyment of mountain biking is wearing the right cycling clothing. It removes sweat from your body, keeps you at a nice temperature and protects you from the weather.

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